Wayne & Michele Snure – July 2017

A weekend of family, friends and fun…


Musto Evans Wedding May 2016

Danielle & Henry are two VERY fun people! Their wedding ceremony was on the boardwalk in Bradley Beach, they rode (IN THE RAIN!!) to their reception on a motorcycle and they had the most fun of everyone at their outdoor wedding reception at Kauffman Farms. It was an honor and a privilege to be invited by Debi and Doug Kauffman to photograph this amazing day!


James and Carolyn – October 3, 2015

James and Carolyn are two of the sweetest people! Having never met prior to their wedding day, they both welcomed me like a friend and allowed me to capture one of their most special days. It was an honor to witness, not only their beautiful wedding but also, the blessing of their son, Gavin. I wish them much love and happiness!

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Creative ability shows itself to each person in varying ways so that no one person’s creativity is an exact duplicate of any one else’s. I believe that individual creativity is like a fingerprint… unique and distinctive to a specific person. My creativity is deeply expressive of my own personality and it, sometimes, tells stories about my thoughts and feelings. I’m currently working on two new projects (both of which you can see snippets of below) and I am hoping to be able to share the finished projects with you soon!!

DZIO_Glimpse_15HighKey_crits 2015-09-14 12.05.03